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To a certain extent, the interest and discussion around Smriti Irani is understandable.The minister has always been an articulate, if controversial, feisty figure not averse to taking criticisms head on — be it during a news conference or a debate in Parliament.Kim Kardashian is a popular fashion model so Instagram’s CEO tells her, ‘Make this native,’” the agency's spokesman, Mostafa Alizadeh, announced on an Iranian news program.'There is no doubt that financial support is involved as well.In private the real culture of the metropolitan contemporary Iran develops, open to western and oriental influences, open to change and hungry for diversity.Young people gather together in parks and at private parties, which attract many people as they seek of fun.Cable TV, Internet and social networks, accessed by proxy programs, have become enlightening channels of information and methods of congregation for the youth.Where the Orwellian gaze of the system can’t reach, an alternative and parallel reality unfolds, a world a side, with other values and other dominant rules.

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She was wearing a gown with an asymmetrical neckline and a shawl.

We are taking this very seriously.'According to Vanity Fair, the agency claims Kardashian works for Instagram in a conspiracy 'target[ing] young people and women' and influencing them to shed their Muslim values by posting their own selfies on the popular photo sharing network.

The agency accuses those accounts of 'promoting a culture of promiscuity, weakening and rejecting the institution of family, ridiculing religious values and beliefs, promoting relationships outside moral rules, and publishing the private pictures of young women.' One model and makeup artist, Elnaz Golrokh, posts beautifully filtered selfies of her new life in Dubai and advertises protein supplements, Daniel Wellington watches, and beauty products.

In Iran people and government are two diametrically different worlds: this is significantly evident for the privileged youth, studying and populating the main cities of the country.

On one side, they are immersed in the rich traditional culture of the Persian heritage, which is imbued with Islamism.


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