Diddy dating dawn dirty money

"People want to peg you as alternative R&B when they hear soul or see the color of your skin," she explains.

"It's comfortable when people see artists of color or artists that come from a different country to put that brand on us.

“Diddy-Dirty Money is a movement that represents a change in music,” declares Richard. But if they take the chance to listen, they will respect it.” “All that Hollywood stuff doesn’t work for us,” adds Kalenna.

"Emotional, provocative, limitless music you can sink your teeth into, that's the calling card for Sean "Diddy" Combs' latest incarnation: Diddy-Dirty Money.Diddy-Dirty Money is the real deal, a trio infused with formidable singing, songwriting, and production talent.Joining Diddy behind the microphone are singer/songwriters Dawn Richard, a founding member of the platinum-selling girl group Danity Kane, and Kalenna, whose burgeoning songwriting career has led her to work with a long list of music industry luminaries."At first I wanted to say, ' Fuck everybody,' but now I get it – people don't do well with things they don't understand.That gave me the story: I was in love with an industry that didn't love me back."Richard, who now goes by the moniker D∆WN, entered the national consciousness in 2005 through the reality show Making the Band, which revolved around P.When Dawn Richard spoke to Rolling Stone, she was mixing the final part of a trilogy that she began in 2013.


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