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After this, you will have fun and maybe the number from a girl!

Magic Johnson is currently married to Cookie Johnson.

A future based on shared commitment was pretty much all I thought about—or thought was available to me.

And then this attractive woman walked in with all the swagger of a professional athlete and began to show me that it didn’t have to be that way.

What can we do on a conventional date — like grabbing coffee or drinks — that would help increase the likelihood that our dates will like us? You don't have to come right out and give him a hug. But when he says something you enthusiastically agree with, try touching him briefly on the hand or shoulder and saying, "I know! According to Ruud, research has shown that when you get someone to hold a cup of coffee, he will see you as a warmer person — whereas the opposite is true for anyone holding a cold drink. As he puts it: "If the environment is hot, he is more likely to think that you are hot." Part of the magic seems to be, simply, that when we have a certain word in our heads — like "hot" or "warm" — we begin to associate that word with the new person we're with. Keep reading.) If your date gives you the option of sitting in a bar's outdoor garden, rather than in the climate-controlled indoor Arctic, take him up on it. Although, it's possible just the sight of something soft and fluffy — something that is literally "feel-good" — will cause him to form positive associations with you: I have a shirt that has a feather neck and even though it's wildly out of fashion, I never fail to get a number of compliments from men whenever I wear it. One example: A study out of Raboud University, in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, found that waitresses who simply repeated the orders of their customers back to them received larger tips. "If the thought of you becomes associated with things he finds rewarding, that will increase the chance that he will call you, simply because thinking of you will activate reward centers in his brain," says Ruud.

I think my generation was either way into it, or we weren’t.As a man you have to be a hunter, pro-active with your dating life, and put yourself out there in order to meet women.Leaving your love life to chance will leave you weeks, months and for some men years.... Leaving your love life to fate is like saying that you are hungry, and you want food in your refrigerator, but you are unwilling to go to the supermarket to buy some.There are a total of four (4) phases that you will need to learn if you want to be able to smoothly go from meeting to dating women.This highly effective new dating science is the real deal and it works with incredible success.... Learning each step is absolutely critical if you are ever to have consistent success with women and dating.I think that I am an easy-going and sociable person, always open for dialogue and compromise, believe in sincerity and responsibility, care and love. I like both active and relaxing time spending, time on nature and city activities.


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