Seattle dating coach for a dating relationship

Editor’s Note: On Monday, we wrote about entrepreneur Jeff Reifman’s contention that is ruining the dating scene in Seattle for straight men, by hiring a disproportionate number of men in the city.We asked Virginia Roberts, an online dating coach and former Amazon employee, to share her thoughts on the situation.Email […] I got an Apple Watch because I’m a big dork, and I was really excited to be an early adopter of this new product.

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Lazy behaviors worsen the overall online dating experience, teaching singles that dating sites are full of losers who waste their time.

I see a lot of creative people in my practice: musicians, artists and designers.

I think this is because I am an artist myself; I understand the creative process and I also understand how being a creative or artistic person can make you feel very different from “the norm.” But the great thing is, what makes us different makes us beautiful; I aim to bring the message of acceptance and support to everyone who walks in my door.

My other focuses are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma recovery, grief and loss, end of life therapy, and helping people reconnect with their creative selves.

I offer initial consultations to potential clients, so send me an email or call if you would like to set up your appointment.


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