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If you’re looking for something that will stimulate both your clitoris and your G-spot, then try a rabbit-style vibrator.

Our vibrators for beginners were chosen based on feedback from customers and staff who recommend them because they are affordable, discreet, and functional.

The challenge, however, is that many miss on some crucial functions and best practices with Facebook for business which can negate its effectiveness.

Here are 3 common Facebook for business challenges and of course, solutions for them!

I often hear businesses comment, “Why is a compelling content strategy on Facebook important?

Why can’t I just share sales focused content exclusively? When sharing on Facebook, it’s imperative to take a holistic approach that includes varied content that’s designed to educate, entertain, inspire, and delight your fans.

KFC, for example, misinterpreted "finger-lickin' good" to something more cannibalistic in Chinese.

This script will exactly replicate everything that you did with the GUI: CREATE TABLE dbo. All of these are nothing compared to the vast conspiracy that I'm about to reveal. Every so often some unauthorized person almost finds it or a "query tuning expert" (as if that was a real thing) tries to reveal it. I read a lot of self-help and improvement information.

Aggressive people are often forceful, out of tune with others and seem to have a tunnel vision with the focus on what their desired outcome should be, according to The College of New Jersey.

If you have never tried a vibrator before, you are in for an amazing experience!

This April, Unilever Germany rolled out a campaign for food products using the English tagline, "Fuck the Diet," rationalizing that the F-word is now German become slang for "let it be." Unilever isn't the only one.

Many huge companies, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co, have a history of massive (and obviously unintentional) translation fails with their tag lines.


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