Dating my ruger 1022

It felt as if red, white, and blue had returned to the land of the airplane freak.

I arrived there a couple of days before I usually do, so, when the show weekend came around seven days later my forums were all behind me and my article note book was nearly full.

Commercial manufacturers began encountering a number of problems previously encountered by those who had initially designed and redesigned parts for the .30 caliber carbines during and after WWII. As with most firearms each design has it's strengths and weaknesses and the original carbine design was no exception. This major change has been the cause of much criticism as Universal's hybrid has historically been compared to carbines of the design of the U. Of the 420,000 carbines manufactured by Universal 1962-1984 over 350,000 of them were their hybrid version manufactured 1967-1984.

These issues were not specific to Universal Firearms and can be encountered by any company intent on making a functional replica of the U. Universal's solution to these problems was to significantly redesign their carbines. While similar in appearance and using the same cartridge the majority of their carbine and it's parts were no longer interchangeable with parts used with their earlier carbines, the replica carbines made by other manufacturers and the surplus GI parts for the original U. If the hybrid design was flawed to the degree some have claimed no company would have survived this long making only their hybrid carbines. A few of the parts are now manufactured by several different companies given the quantity of Universal hybrids still in use.

As the availability of GI surplus parts dwindled commercial equivalents were manufactured.

Several parts, such as the slide, were difficult to machine correctly. The change did create a number of minor problems Universal worked out over time.

BOYNTON BEACH - Police are investigating a shooting that critically injured at 24-year-old man last night.

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