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This fragrance is distinct with a rugged authenticity and enduring appeal.

Ironically, one of the books that I disliked the most (and the dislike was strong) happens to be part ONE of a book in which the second part would make it one of the ones that would vie for my favorite!! The first half of the story was boring and felt contrived and dragged on for way too long.

I mean, it could easily have been 100 pages shorter. I’m one of those girls who love when a book evokes that kind of emotion in me, and Hannah’s books do just that.

Les and Leslie Parrot, authors of has inspired many to consider that marriage is more about holiness than happiness.

May millions more in generations to come embrace this life-giving message! Juli Slattery, clinical psychologist and president of Authentic Intimacy "The heart of this book will speak to every person who wants to see God alive and at work in their marriage." - Kevin G.


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